The PC(USA) affirms that God has provided a rhythm of seasons which orders life and influences the church's worship. It further confesses that God's work of redemption in Jesus Christ offers the Church a central pattern for ordering worship in relationship to significant occasions in the life of Jesus and of the people of God.

Therefore, the PC(USA) has come to observe certain days and seasons. These seasons and days include:

thereby both commemorating and celebrating the First Advent as well as anticipating the Final Advent.

As a congregation of the PC(USA), we fully participate therein. One aspect of this participation consists of a program of Advent Studies. Our study sessions for this year are scheduled for:

[Because of Copyright protection, access to the above linked files is strictly limited to members of our congregation not in town on those dates or to residents of our immediate community who because of conflicts were unable to attend.]

Other aspects are our various special congregational activities, and Worship and Youth services and observances during Advent, concluding with our Christmas Eve Service.

Everyone is invited and welcome to attend these sessions, Services and observances.

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