Our Mission Committee promotes Missions within the congregation and denomination, be they local or around the world.

Our Denominational Missions include:

and various special projects as the need therefor arises. These have included, for example, relief missions for the Tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian Earthquake.

Our Local Missions include:

and various other special projects that may, from time-to-time, be identified, proposed and authorized.

The commission for the committee includes also certain programs that can promote the ecumenical objectives of our denomination. These include special programs, as well as a continuing program to assist other congregations, either within or without the denomination, by providing web design services to enable them to have an Internet presence.

The committee is also charged with projecting and expanding the congregation's image, presence and activities to and within the community. These consist of, for example, use of the Internet, including a World Wide Web Site and listings in appropriate directories, participation in cooperation with other committtees and volunteers in the Deckerville Homecoming, including the entry of a float and distribution of free sundaes, and such other activities that may, from time-to-time, be identified, proposed and authorized.

In addition to the regular functions performed in connection with annual events, the committee at any particular time may be engaged in activities with special programs. Its current special programs, or ones in which it was active this year, are set forth on our Special Mission Programs page.

Those interested in further information about our denomination's Mission Programs are welcome to click on the below image.

PC(USA) Mission Programs

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